Please read the following information carefully before pre-registering:

  • EACH RACER MUST PRE-REGISTER SEPARATELY. We will need the racers name, reserved number and what class they plan on racing in. Please only select ONE class option. If you are a racer that races both quad and bike, you will need to do two different transactions/registrations.
  • You may pay with PayPal or a Debit/Credit card. You will see these two options when you hit PAY NOW at the end.
  • Please make sure to complete the registration. If you do not complete it, we will not have your registered for the race. You will receive a confirmation email when done registering. Please keep these emails in case there are any mistakes. wikipedia reference
  • If you did not reserve a race number please add the one you want. If it is unavailable and we need you to pick a new one, we will let you know once you check in the weekend of the race!
  • If you pre-register, come up and check in at the registration trailer before your race begins.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to email or contact Adrianna Patterson at 765-720-0476.
  • If you DID NOT email with all racer information before the season started AND/OR you have not participated in an EXCR event before, please fill out all information.
  • If you DID email your information prior to the season start or have participated in an event, you may only fill out the NAME, RACE #, and Class. These fields are marked with asterisks. Once those are filled out you may hit PAY NOW!
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